Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I have never really understood the attraction of sororities and fraternities, not even when I was in college. Part of me is a very much a girly girl, but the other part of me loves football and curses like a sailor. I just wouldn't fit in, and I wouldn't want to, frankly.

Check out the rules that a Cornell sorority "rush chair" -whatever the hell that means - sent to all the poor souls trying to get into this dumb ass sororotiy.

I know I am painting with an awfully broad brush here, but this is exactly the type of shit I imagine goes on in every sorority. I suppose that if you are the type of girl who wants to "look like someone that others would die to hang out with" (I am quoting, here) then you are also the type of girl who would be desparate enough to allow someone else to dictate exactly what shade of eyeshadow to wear in order to get into an allegedly "exclusive" group of girls as friends, and would be willing to pay for this privilege.

Needless to say, if someone every handed me a list like this I would tell them to go fuck themselves.

It is awesome!